Is this the Europe you wanted ?
   E U R O S T A N   E U R O S T A N   E U R O S T A N
temp0045_toparrow                       E  U  R  O  S  T  A  N  : Is this the Europe you wanted


The great idea which the politicians and unelected Eurocrats, have turned into a nightmare.

 Turkey seems to be blackmailing the EU


Heading straight toward right-wing governments, as desperate electors try to understand  what has befallen them.



Why is it so hard for people to admit that the arrival of undocumented immigrants in huge numbers is not what people want?

Why was nothing done to stop them entering Europe? Why was nothing undertaken to build refugee camps in their countries of origin?

Why are they pouring into Europe whilst it is obvious that the Europeans do not want this to happen?

  The Invasion of The West: MDAY